The part where it’s been a year since the trees fell

One year ago today.  One year since the landscape changed and so did my world.  The winds came in strong and lashed out at our beautiful landscapes, our homes and our local businesses who held the heart of our community within their walls.  The walls were now gone.  The trees were torn from the earth, […]

The part where I finally tell you about him

So, I’m sharing it all with you. I met a man. A man I really like. I wasn’t going to share because I thought maybe if I lived in the moment I’d have an even better story to share with you later on. I couldn’t stop writing though. It helped me work through my overwhelming […]

The part where there’s a first time for everything…and a last

First: Photograph in the local paper. Look who’s out and about in the social pages! First: Visit to the local show. No expectations = plenty of opportunities! First: VIP entry to the local show. Yes, security, we’re allowed behind there!! First: Laps in a V8 Ute at the local show. Amazing, adrenalin-filled and totally sexy! […]