The Single Life – Part 4

Prologue: Getting back on track with my story telling… With a New Year’s kiss, my mouth tingled with sensation and my chest bubbled with hope. I thought that maybe this year things would go my way and that I’d be spoilt like I deserve. There are already no more kisses from that particular someone, but […]

The single life – part 2

So, my life is hilarious sometimes! 2014 has only just begun but it has not let me down. New Years Eve…. Picture this: six deliciously gay men and me. A night where I didn’t know what to expect (because New Years is so overrated and there is always too much pressure to have the BEST […]

The part where I share my retrospective dating stories for the last time

During the last few years I have been on numerous overseas trips and have developed a little tune to signify the international men met on holidays with my travel buddy. The first story happened slowly over dinner. I was sitting in the bar with said travel buddy, sipping on cocktails at the top of a […]