The part when puppy love lasts


On Boxing Day 2014 I brought a little heartbeat home with me and I unofficially became ‘A girl, a bird, a VW and a puppy’. Seriously, my heart has never been so full as the moment I picked her up and cuddled her knowing that it was my job to protect, feed and love her. And just be being her, she adds so much natural joy to my life.

Today she had her first official bath. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s played in the hose, squeezed into the laundry tub while she could fit and splashed about in her shell pool but she’s never enjoyed a pampering hydrobath until this day.


Look at this moment.  This lovely little chocolate puppy never wants to be anywhere but right by my side. She sits at my feet when I’m working at home or chatting to friends when they visit and she plonks herself right on top of me when I’m relaxing in front of the tv. She races around in crazy, excited circles when I take her to the beach, or even just to the back yard. She lives like no one is watching or judging and she appreciates every minute, whether she is busy doing something or nothing. She even shoves her nose at me, wags her whole body and looks up at me to say thanks after I’ve given her dinner. This pup has got it all figured out. She lives in the moment, enjoys everything she does and shares her love with everyone she meets. My furbaby could teach me a lot. Don’t overthink, don’t fret, don’t worry about things you don’t need to worry about or people who don’t understand you and definitely do not sabotage something just because you’re afraid. Just be. Just live. Just enjoy!


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