The part where these are the days of our lives…made better with a morning coffee

Nestled amongst the trees in a small beachside town is a little blue and white vintage caravan. Inside the caravan brews rich and velvety smooth coffee, outside sits an array of tables and chairs where an eclectic bunch of customers mingle each morning.

Some stand and chat while they wait, a few perch on white timber chairs underneath decorative bunting and sip on their morning delight, while others get cosy with their coffee and sweet treats on funky sun lounges.

Every morning is refreshingly different, yet comfortingly the same… the rumble of coffee beans grinding away in the background, the sound of a phone buzzing as orders are rung through, the familiar voice that calls out “thanks baby” as people wave goodbye with a “have a great day” or a “see you in the morning”.

This unique mobile coffee shop in our local park is full of morning rituals, quick stops, long chats and familiar faces. Order for one or order for eight, arrive early for a chat or duck in because you’re running late. Just know that by the time you walk up to the big mangrove tree, your coffee will be waiting for you, just as though you’re visiting an old friend.

From Monday to Friday, this vintage caravan brightens people’s good days, bad days, smiley days, teary days and everything in between. And then on the weekends, it supports many community festivities by providing visitors with that familiar smell, that comforting place to sit and that longed for sip of amazing coffee.

The tradie ready for a day’s labour, the office worker ready to conquer a day’s work, the fisherman after a night on the seas, the tourist waking up and ready to explore, the teacher (the many, many teachers) preparing for the day’s surprises, the parent with the extra order of two baby chinos, the retiree just back from their morning walk, the local business owner ready to promote our town… The skinny cap, the dirty chai, the double-shot soy latte, the hot chocolate with marshmallows, the long black and the ‘usual’… The people of our community, the stories they tell, the laughs they share and the lives they lead. They all share a love of coffee (and almond croissants if it’s a Friday) and the little blue and white caravan named Ruby. A vintage caravan and amazing coffee, and that’s just the beginning…

Every day should start like this, and it does at Ruby Caravan.


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