The part where the excitment is terrifying!



It’s that giddyness that wiggles and jiggles around in your belly. It’s that constant thought that repeats in your mind. It’s that feeling deep in your heart that tells you that now is the time to give it a go.

Change… some say it’s as good as a holiday right? Well, in 2014 I started on a bit of a holiday, a trip away from home and my life as I’d always known it. I thought that was the change. But I think the real changes are happening now.

It’s so exciting that it’s terrifying!

If you read the paperwork, my small town story is up at the end of this year. But listen closely to the words screaming inside my head and you’ll realise that I may be making the brave and daunting choice to rewrite the story that was written for me. I am now in charge of writing my own story. I don’t want to repeat my past because I want more from my future and I don’t want to go back to where I was in life three years ago because I have changed. I no longer want just what I always thought I wanted. I want to change my story and grow. That means giving up more time with my family and friends whom I miss so much. That means possibly putting my transfer to my briliant big city school on hold. But that also means that I’m actively creating a life for myself that is full of challenges.

So, you may be shocked at what I have planned for my future. All I can do is guarantee you that I won’t be sitting still and coasting along. A whole bunch of newness is happening and I am happily creating a version of me that doesn’t stop expecting more from myself. Try it. It’s amazingly terrying!


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