The part where I realise I am more than this

It was over a year ago now, when a good friend of mine asked me…

“Have you ever thought you were more than you are now?”

This, to me, was one of those questions where time stood still. One of those questions where I really had to stop and think. Since finishing high school and moving on to areas in my life I am passionate about, I’ve always known I could achieve what I set my mind to. I’ve had an open mind to ensure I was ready and willing to take on new opportunities. But was I playing it safe still? Were my dreams big enough and was I taking steps in the right direction and looking beyond the now? 

What an amazing question to be asked by someone. A friend who obviously saw me in a different way to how I saw myself. I often find it interesting, hearing other people’s opinions of me and watching the way others react to my personality. I also find difference in the way I stare at my reflection in the mirror or feel my own presence as I walk down the street, compared to other’s comments or view of my physical appearance. I think, as women particularly, we never give ourselves enough credit. It is a real honour to have someone feel inspired and motivated by you so that you can then push yourself more and constantly strive to better yourself.

I decided on that day that I did think I was ‘more than this’. I decided on that day that I loved where I was in life and what I was doing, but I also came to the realisation that I was going to keep on looking for more, keep on taking risks and keep on pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. 

And here is what has happened since that day…

  • I joined a committee of amazing and inspiring community members and we put on a massive event to support and thank local volunteers after our town experienced nature at its most hectic
  • I entered a personality quest where I got to fundraise for a charity and support my local community
  • I bugged people on social media by constantly supporting and promoting local businesses and artists 
  • I applied for the latest season of The Bachelor (#singlelife) and got through four rounds! They flew me to a big city for a face to face audition and I had the greatest time standing alongside other strong, educated and beautiful women
  • I supported a community member as a candidate for local council elections and have now decided that I am extremely interested in running for the next elections myself – something I have never considered before
  • I joined another committee to help run a major annual event for our community
  • I started horse riding lessons which has been a dream of mine since childhood
  • I joined a gym, kicked butt at a 30 day challenge and am about to sign up for the next one (after eating my weight in Easter eggs). I love it and have made a whole new family and am feeling fantastic looking after myself in a way I haven’t before
  • I put my hand up to be part of the team that develops and implements a whole new school-wide approach to life and learning – focussed around children’s social and emotional wellbeing (a step towards my career dream of being a professional in that specific area)
  • I saw a counsellor and she said to stop saying ‘yes’ to so many commitments… So I delegated my role of social club coordinator to someone else (baby steps)
  • I started actually cooking from recipes and have definite moments in my daily routine where others may see me as an adult (haha)
  • I took on another pre-service student at school to help keep me motivated, to share my passion for our industry, to guide aspiring teachers and to learn from them at the same time
  • I modelled in another wedding expo and felt more confident then ever just being me and owning my body shape
  • I dated…. I dated…. I dated…. I overcame situations where people used me and mistreated me. I ejected people from my life who did not truly care about me. I healed. I didn’t lose any confidence in who I was or falter on the fact that one day love will finally be in my life

Now this may seem like a very self indulgent post but, to me, this is how life should be done. Big, bold and out there. Supporting others, learning from people around you and sharing your day to day with the world around you, no matter what the scale.

If I can do anything, it would be to tell people to ‘give life a go’. Try those things you’ve always wanted to. Share your ideas and passions with people. Sometimes they might just stick, but if they don’t, don’t lose your way. Be you, always. 



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