The Single Life – Part 4

Prologue: Getting back on track with my story telling…
With a New Year’s kiss, my mouth tingled with sensation and my chest bubbled with hope. I thought that maybe this year things would go my way and that I’d be spoilt like I deserve. There are already no more kisses from that particular someone, but I have to keep writing. There will be lots more stories, good, bad, happy and sad. Maybe I’ll even give names to those that took me away from you for a while. Maybe I’ll share those stories that I felt I couldn’t because it was too current and real. They were good. Really good. But they all finished at the contents page.

There has been so much going on but the words have been trapped inside while I try to figure out how to sort through the events of my life. And my life is ridiculously eventful. Luckily, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Making news headlines in this edition…


How to impress yourself.
Tag lines: #proud #oneyeardone #survived #smalltown #bigcity #newlife #community #adventure #thisisliving #noregrets #makingthemostoutofeverysituation #newfriends #teachersmakingadifference #thisis30

When it all turns to sh!t
Blurb: So, I don’t have kids. But life is changing never the less. Do you know how I know? It’s because I’m talking about poo. Baby poo, five year old poo, puppy poo and my friend’s poo. Do I talk about poo in the dating world? Definitely not. Women don’t poo. Girls don’t pass wind. It never happens. But omg, it does. The conversations of women, of best friends whose lives are changing and growing up, are hilarious. I was sitting on the couch with 4 of the best women in my life, some enjoying a night off from their babies, some listening to their babies sleeping breaths through the baby monitor… All of us enjoying conversation. Filthy and real. Best friends love to over share.

The chatterbox who stopped
Summary: The event the shocked a nation. The girl who lost her voice and the people who influenced her. Even after reading this article, questions still remain…Was this reaction good or bad? What occurred to result in this drastic change? Will she find her voice again? Has she changed?

A girl’s best friend: How to start a family before you have one
Living life on your own? A single girl shares her advice on how to fill your house with love and talks about the challenges of making the best decision for you.
Amended version of blog name now reads; ‘A girl, a bird, a vw and a PUPPY’

10 ways to survive unrequited love
Nb: Tips and strategies will be insanely difficult to follow when your heart’s involved

A Guy on Valentine’s Day
How to spoil yourself when you haven’t yet found the right guy to spoil you.
Also in this article; Getting lost in the music, screaming like a teenage girl and loving your obsessions with conviction. #GuySebastian #row2 #VIP #MadnessTour

Twenty Fifteen – The best is yet to come
Are you sick of making the same old New Years resolutions? Do you find it hard to stick to your great ambitions? Take the pressure off and just choose what makes you happy. Reflections from a girl who finds making decisions on what’s best for her one of the biggest challenges.

Kicking goals for the hopelessly uncoordinated
Key search phrases: celebrate small successes; points for trying; teamwork; share the love

Your social/love life: Find out if you’re doing it right
A quiz to help you decide if you’re putting yourself out there enough or maybe a little too much. Answer these questions honestly and take back the power.
Insert: We had some single girls and their friends take our test and we’ve included some of their reactions…
@singlegirl’sbestfriend: “You have a lot of men in your life!!!!”
@singlegirl: “Tell me about it, but I’m looking for the right one”


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