The part where there are numbers everywhere, man

15…days until I go home to my big city to see my family and friends
6…days of school left with my beautiful class for 2014
21…sleeps until Christmas
1…school year that I’ve almost completed in my small town
3…puppy ads that I’ve enquired after, hoping to find the new addition to my family
2…times that I have been seriously worried about my family in the last 2 weeks
8…Secret Santa clues that I have received from a very thoughtful colleague
1…cup of coffee for today, can’t wait for tomorrow’s
1…work out session that I’m really starting to enjoy
1…sleep until my dad comes to visit me
22…little 5&6 year olds whom I shared my day with today
22…new names of students I can’t wait to teach next year
5…to do lists that I have on the go at the moment
4…Christmas outfits that my VW has been dressed up in this week
22…days since my last post (sorry)
2324…views on my blog
27…countries that my blog has been accessed from
99…a really special number that I just want to keep growing and growing

This time, I’m not really sure what else to say.

1…short and sweet blog entry
1000…more numbers that I could probably take notice of in every day

What numbers mean or say something to you today?



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