The part where I put one fancy foot in front of the other

Back straight
Shoulder blades pushed together
Head up, neck elongated, chin forward
Tummy in
Butt clenched
Pelvis forward
Hands softly down by your side, swaying and lightly brushing your butt as you walk
Eyes looking out to the audience
Stand tall
Smile, but not too much


One foot delicately in front of the other

OMG what am I doing?

I’ve always wanted to be a little bit famous, but I never expected that this was how a clumsy, limbs everywhere, big foot like myself would get a big break. Okay, I’m exaggerating on the ‘big break’ but I’ve had a go at something very new and completely unexpected. I modelled. And no, I didn’t dig out my model trains from under the house. I put on fancy dresses, balanced a book on my head and stumbled gracefully down a catwalk. People were shocked!

For starters, I never thought I’d try on a wedding dress before it actually became significant to me (note: still hoping for a boy to refer to me as a lovely girl, who is a great friend in a more ‘join the words together’ kind of way). I also never imagined that I’d fit the criteria for a modelling gig. I was so nervous that I even struggled to smile without my jaw trembling. I was so wobbly on my feet that it was lucky the photographer made me take my heels off because I was too tall for the photo. I had a great time getting all made up and feeling glamorous. I also have new inspiration to stand up tall and own my height. And I’ve never been so excited as when I got the opportunity to do a photo shoot for the venue and the event wear company, to be used in their advertising. They sniggered at a girl jumping up and down in a wedding dress as she signed her images over to them…well, before their eyes turned to sheer panic as I looked like I’d fall on my face and ruin their whole event. Of course that never happened though. This girl is used to being excited!!!!

So, I did it!!!

And the photos brought a tear to my mother’s eye, because, come on, I was playing bride and we all know that people are starting to feel concern over my looming ‘spinster’ status. I’m just grateful no one I knew saw my attempt at following the intended choreography whilst trying to walk in heels, in a white dress, with my shoulders back, head up, tummy in…. you remember the list…

The best bit is, I’ve been asked to help out at another event this weekend!

Back to the catwalk I go.



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