The part where there’s a quick trip

I don’t want to repeat myself, but how amazing does home feel when you move away!

A whirlwind trip to my big city gave me another opportunity to enjoy little moments and realise how big they actually are. Every day there is the potential to create memories that will stay with you forever. Before I have a family of my own, I am cherishing time spent with other special families in my life. Families that I feel part of. Before I get to experience real love, I am feeling the love of friends, even from afar. This time around I had the opportunity to spend some time on my own in my big city. My sense of calm continued. Walking alone but remembering that there are so many people that help to make my life amazing.
…Remember that time a while back where I was learning to be alone? I’m getting better, as long as the rest of my world is full of chatter. A play in the park with friends and their busy little people is my norm on my trips back to the big city now – oh and lots of fancy catch-ups at bars and cafes. Living the best of both worlds!

While I was chatting to my mum (without taking a breath as usual), I reflected on how busy and chaotic my life is. I love it! I wonder if other people live the same way. I can barely keep up with it, especially when I visit home. But I would not have it any other way.

A simple trip to the local shopping centre to get coffee pods (because #firstworldproblems they don’t sell them in my small town) turned into a reunion of people from my old school. They remember me! I am lucky, as I now sit on the plane trying to make myself forget how sad I am about leaving, that I take note of these tiny little catch-ups and appreciate them more than anything. Bumping into an old someone while I stand browsing at coffee is a big thing in my world.

People often comment on the craziness of my life, enviously at times but always with an air of disbelief. But it is definitely the normal moments that stay with me. Lying on my best friend ‘Imelda’s’ couch, excruciatingly hungover, barely able to move, while she lies almost lifeless across from me….those are moments. Even though the event that made us so hungover was ridiculously fun. The quiet moments are the ones that no one should take for granted. Even when the contents of your stomach are threatening to make a second appearance.

The experiences I enjoy in both the city and the country are so vastly different. But so many of them are changing the path of my life. One day I might figure out what I actually am but maybe I’ll always be a little bit of everything. An experience at a time kind of girl.

Up next: Before my big move I decided that I was going to become a little bit famous in my small town. I wanted to somehow have my face seen…. It just happened and I am about to tell you how!



One thought on “The part where there’s a quick trip

  1. “They remember me!” If you had put out an all points bulletin that you were going to be coffee pod shopping nearby, I guarantee the supermarket would have needed crowd control to hold back your fans 🙂 How could we NOT remember you??? xx


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