The single life – part 3

There’s been a shift. So there’s been a name change. There wasn’t a particular moment, rather a bunch of opportunities that allowed me to shift my thinking and to push me in a more forward direction. I was very much sideways and a little zigzaggy for a while there.

Strangely, after struggling to feel the positives of my move, even though I could see them, I feel like I’ve sorted it out a bit. I’ve figured out some ways to deal with everything with help from a lot of thoughtful people and by truly realising that I am in charge of moving myself forward. I’m pretty proud of myself.

It’s scary because it’s nearly time to visit my big city again and part of me wants to also stay here and spend some down time in my small town. It feels like people are getting used to having me away. Maybe I’m getting used to it too and maybe I’m nervous about dealing with the transition from big city to small town all over again on my drive back? Saying goodbye for now is difficult both ways. I’m still constantly managing every emotion.

Here are my moments. Simple in content but mood altering when all smooshed together.

+ Inspiring professional development about early years education where I had the opportunity to see a passionate presenter bring focus back to social competence, the core of education in my mind. I felt a drive to add that role in my future career path. I was then given an opportunity to lead a new program at school focusing on this area. The dots are starting to connect.
That’s work life taken care of for now…

+ The determination to no longer wait for some things in life. I have always wanted a dog. There are a lot of hurdles in my current situation, in that my house isn’t fenced, nor do I have permission for larger pets, but I felt the drive to research, debate and work towards adding another heartbeat to my life. It may or may not happen but that’s okay.
That’s something to look forward to in my home life…

+ The dating app. It introduced me to a lot of new people. It awakened my desire to actively date again. And it instantly widened my social circle. It also provided a lot of interesting gossip, stories and conversation between people in my existing school life circle.
That’s a big step towards expanding my social life and adding some possibility to my love life…

I was surprised when these three things happened within the one week. Sometimes one decision or event can really create change. I was also able to properly let go of one recent hurt that was holding me back. People are so powerful. We just have to figure out who we let hold the most power in our world and whether we should be allowing that or not.

This is going to be good! I think brilliant stories may be on their way.



3 thoughts on “The single life – part 3

  1. People are so powerful. We just have to figure out who we let hold the most power in our world and whether we should be allowing that or not.

    I love it I love it I love it …..your blog is amazing … finally a real blog that has not been premeditated but speaks of life as it happens.


    • I haven’t read a comment so thoughtful and encouraging yet. Thank you so much for your words and thoughts. You love my blog. Yay! I let myself be so vulnerable with it sometimes so that’s brilliant to hear. Writing down my busy head is my new favourite thing.

      …and to think I thought this was a dull post 🙂 Thanks again!

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