The part where a weekend is all it takes

On your marks, get set, GO!

Royal ‘big city’ Show with Dad…Father/Daughter day where Dad enjoyed a journey back to the past, sitting in chair after chair with his arms folded while his daughter joined yet another line of giggling teenagers to meet famous people or watch a girly show. He’s a trooper. It was a great day, even as the rain soaked us from head to soggy toe, full of show food, show bags, celebrities, new friends, catch-ups with big city people, fashion parades, animals, fireworks and fast cars. Remember those V8 utes? This time it was a bigger track and VIP entry as displayed on my VIP lanyard. OMG! I stood back stage to the arena watching men grunt as they performed tricks in muscle cars and stunt bikes, as Dad sat in the stands watching his little girl not act like a little girl at all. I got to share my time in the arena spotlight with monster trucks. We’ve been there before. Bogan me got a little excited. I got to shove my hand out the window of the V8 as we did laps so that people knew how awesome we were. I got to be the face that everyone saw. I got to watch the faces on people – the face I have pulled many times before – when they saw me and wondered ‘How did that girl get to be a passenger? She is soooo cool!’ I was famous!!!!! I grinned from ear to ear as Holden vs Ford raced around the track in the mud. I didn’t even squeal, because after all, I was a seasoned passenger on her second show appearance. After the race, my ultimate groupie status increased as I got to hide a roadie in my jacket, squeeze past an industrial freezer, sneak through a kitchen and perch precariously on a ledge where I got the very best view of the fireworks. Meanwhile, Dad was being subjected to impressive comments from the crowds. “There was a chick in that car!” Dad shook his head as he told me his exact thoughts on this torture later in the night. “That’s not a chick, that’s my daughter!” I blame you though Dad, for being the cool race car driver that you are. What’s your adventure-seeking daughter supposed to do? After I skipped back to Dad in an innocent little girl way, definitely not an OMG I JUST WENT IN A RACE CAR WITH MEN IN RACING GEAR AND GOT A LITTLE FAMOUS AT THE SAME TIME kind of way, I took him to the pub to meet the race car drivers. Both Dad and race car drivers were painfully awkward and spoke about fast cars, not the fact that daughter-caught-in-the-middle-of-innocent-and-naughty was standing right there in euphoria. Thanks for a great day Dad.

Meet the Baby day with my CPSS Girls …The very reason for my trip home to the big city. Meeting the little princess whom I loved even before I met. It’s moments like these (thanks Minties), where I get to talk lots, eat heaps, laugh, cry and treasure amazing first cuddles with a tiny person who has instantly changed the lives of everyone around her. Perfect xx

Friends, an ambulance, onesies, #1 chef-style dining, red wine and one right swipe on a new app adventure …I had my first overnight guests! We bought wine. We ordered take-away. I supplied the Jatz (insert #1 chef status). We kept warm in animal onesies and sat and talked for hours. As the night went on, the conversation (or picking-on-me comments) and ideas got ‘better’ and ‘better’. So much so that an app that would help my #singlelife was downloaded onto my phone. A profile was set up and lucky, or unlucky, candidates were selected using a swipe right or swipe left feature. Oh my god! What was going on? And why wasn’t it in my control? After whinging for a while I started to settle into this idea of possibly starting a new dating story. Then the ambulance rocked up. Oh wouldn’t the neighbours start talking! Never fear though, we were all healthy and well in our animal onesies. We just know all the cool people in town. Flashback to ‘Zeuss’ from an earlier blog.

A ‘small town’ Horse Race …Finally, much anticipated time spent in our little town pampering ourselves. Two girls. Pretty dresses, fascinators, high heels, powdered noses and bling. One guy. Collared shirt and shiny shoes. Three friends and lots of very, very cheap wine. Oh god, my head! We went to the races where fashion sense was optional and hair styles were completely outdated. The joys of a low key horse race. We entered fashions on the field and definitely stood a chance. If only we had greasy hair and lots of side boob, then we would have definitely won best dressed. Stakes were high. No bets were placed and the locals weren’t too sociable but the three of us made our own fun and the commentary on the sport of ‘people watching’ was completely entertaining. For us, anyway. The party continued after we had made our way back along the bumpy dirt road, all squashed together in a little car. Spirits were high and ridiculous plans were set for our night time antics. Gosh, we three friends just loved each other so much. Dinner was cooked by another lovely (and sober) friend. Ridiculous conversations were had. Dance moves were created. Phone calls were made. All of which were totally inappropriate. A great day and night where company was the key and where I realised I was becoming soft as I turned into a cheap wine zombie by about 8pm.

A magical beach horse ride …A day and adventure which I had been waiting for since the moment my move to this small town was confirmed. A day where I got to learn a new skill from a treasured friend. A day where the usual chaotic me became calm and relaxed. A day with horses. After I saddled my awkwardly long limbs and learned to power steer this beautiful creature, we set off along a bush track. Already, I was living every second a thousand times over. It was like a fairy tale as the trees thinned out, the sun shone through and the dirt turned to sand as we climbed the final hill. And there it was, the beach, the water and our very own piece of paradise on horseback. And to think I got to be a celebrity once again. Everyone stared and smiled as we steered our horses to the water’s edge to trot through the gently breaking waves. This time I knew it wasn’t me that they were looking at though. These horses were stunning. I got to have a go at a rising trot and a canter throughout the ride. Loved it! The freedom of movement, the wind and the view was just breathtaking. This is definitely my new thing. Next step will be riding lessons and, surely, every Dad needs to buy their little girl a horse. This horse may just have to stand over 6ft to make sure my legs don’t drag on the ground.

Coffee moments …Squeezed into the weekends have been many more coffee catch-ups, breakfasts and afternoon boot camp sessions. Little moments with big people in my new life. So many reasons to let go of the recent hurt, look forward to ‘big city’ time in a few weeks and enjoy every minute of work free time I have here in my ‘small town’.

Just to let you know, and to finish this chapter, I’ve let him go. That man who had a part of my heart but who never seriously had me in his. A man who enjoyed every minute we had together in the right way but was only in it for the short time. I haven’t heard from him in a long time now. And, after the final time I heard from him (or didn’t hear from him), I decided that enough was enough. I don’t regret a thing but I’m now not carrying on with a heavy heart. I’m taking the experience and the lessons learned and moving on. Yay me! I think I’m one step closer to finding someone who is right for me and also realising the ‘someones’ that might not be quite right enough.

Next up…
The Single Life – Part 3: It’s time to start afresh


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