Let’s be friends!


I’m becoming braver. I’m letting people in.

This started out as a blog for my family and close friends so that we could stay connected while I’m away. It’s now helping me more than I ever expected and, I’m not going to lie, checking my stats gets me through all the boring days. This is a new passion and I’m managing to put together nearly as many words on paper as I do in person. Nearly…

Did you know that people I don’t know stumble across my stories. People in other countries read this!!!! HI HELLO HI 🙂 You make me a little excited!

So, join me on my uncensored, but very politely-worded, adventure. Even when there’s nothing adventurous happening, I promise I’ll keep you entertained with a whole lot of nothing.

Check out A girl, a bird and a VW‘s Facebook page for more updates.
…Pretty please with a cherry on top (and sprinkles-and popping candy-and crunchy little love heart kisses that almost break your teeth).



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