The part where there’s a first time for everything…and a last

First: Photograph in the local paper. Look who’s out and about in the social pages!

First: Visit to the local show. No expectations = plenty of opportunities!

First: VIP entry to the local show. Yes, security, we’re allowed behind there!!

First: Laps in a V8 Ute at the local show. Amazing, adrenalin-filled and totally sexy!

First: Name mentioned by MC across the arena. Groupies!

First: Ride around the streets on a motorbike. So much fun and not as scary as I thought. Sometimes you meet people randomly and everything becomes a little bit more awesome!

First: Home-cooked steak and a special bottle of red at midnight. Apologies to all the carnival folk for disturbing your peace. Hmmmmm, but not really!

First: Visit to a rural area close to my small town. Eye-opening!

First: Ride in an ambulance. I wasn’t sick or injured – just a very lucky VIP!

First: Shetland pony by the side of the road. Only in a small town!

First: Up close meet and greet with some amazing cockatoos. One day I will get one of my own!

First: Ride on a Doberman’s back for my cheeky bird. They couldn’t decide if they were friends or dinner!

Last: The hardest drive home ever. Hoping for more firsts….20140608-143752-52672142.jpg


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