The part where the lift stopped!

There’s nothing like knowing you were meant to know people than being stuck in the lift with them!

It happened.

And I think it went a little bit like this…

Staff team building weekend at a resort. Staff drinks. Laughter. Dinner out with more drinks. Laughter turning to silly giggles. More drinks. Laughter causing tears to fall down cheeks and jaws to ache. A few skips and a game of hide and seek later we arrive to our room. Well, almost.

It’s just that there was something a little bit exciting mentioned (don’t ask me what as no one can even remember). That something exciting caused four happy girls to give a little wiggle and a jiggle in the lift as we went up to our floor. The lift wasn’t sure what was happening so decided to put a stop to the happy moving and we got stuck between floors.  Well, in our state of happy laughter we didn’t realise we were really stuck until a couple of minutes had passed.

Lucky we knew half the resort. Team building had begun early. Heeeeellllllppppppp!!!!

The view from where we stood (and eventually sat)…
Level 2 – an ever-changing familiar set of eyes peering through a tiny gap in the doors, voices calling out and making jokes and the moment that was a highlight for everyone involved – when a shower rod appeared with an excited cheer as we realised that wine was soon trickling out the end. The party hadn’t stopped.
Level 1 – A group of random (and seriously drunk) people trying to force the doors open with a whole variety of scary instruments. A camera flash kept lighting up the shiny lift walls with four nervous faces wondering what had been captured. Level 1 soon became a scary battle of drunken fiery words between the random drunk aggressive man and the resort management. Helllooooo! There are people stuck in a lift here!
Between the levels we could see all sorts of mechanics – obviously ones that didn’t help our situation at all.

For 2 hours we caused a great commotion all throughout the resort. Management and security didn’t seem to be too bothered by it so luckily for us we had that crew on the outside to keep us going. A crew who would constantly remind us of how much we needed to go to the toilet. Team building!  We also checked in on Facebook so that we could communicate effectively. What skills!

The great lift debacle. A story that will go down in history as a series of MacGyver style moments. The story that divides a staff – did the girls jump?? We are sticking with a very convincing ‘well, no feet actually left the ground!’ rebuttal.

This was the lift adventure that kick started a night that had previously begun many hours earlier. It got messy. Karaoke was sung, rooms were invaded and corridors were disturbed. And bacon was definitely consumed the next morning.

Did I mention that the team building actually officially started the next morning?

What a workplace! My small town adventure keeps getting better. It’s funny how you can move somewhere smaller and feel your world getting bigger.

I owe this post to the three girls who made my adventure in the little silver box bearable. I couldn’t have picked a better bunch of beautifully silly humans to be stuck in a lift with. Thanks girls! You are definitely in my world forever.
I also want to give a big shout out to my support crew on the outside. I say it very frequently, but I’ve hit the jackpot with this place, my job and the people who I now spend a lot of my time with.


This post’s spoiler will not be spoiled by me like last time, I promise. I am currently writing another post because two big stories are happening in my world at the moment. Not without drama of course. Stay tuned for the moment where the movies came true.


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