The part where I know I must be nearly 30!

I have to be okay at being alone.

I have to be comfortable hanging out by myself.

I’m practising right now.

I’m on holidays back in the big city.  I survived term one and I’m playing rock star as I schedule my time to make sure I can see all my family and friends during my trip.

I’ve definitely been feeling the love.  I have had so many wonderful moments catching up with my beautiful friends and I’ve been enjoying every minute of quality time that I’ve been able to share with some amazing little people.  I just never take any of it for granted.

…The alone thing.  Well, I was just sitting here outside an art gallery by myself with my giant coffee feeling super empowered and independent when I saw a familiar face walk by.  So I had a second coffee and a great gossip with an old workmate of mine.

[two weeks and one wildly busy holiday later]

…The alone thing.  It’s a funny concept in my world.  I constantly seek interaction and love to keep busy all the time so I am rarely alone from an observer’s perspective.  But alone is a funny concept, isnt it?  I don’t feel alone now because I am telling this story to someone, whoever you may be.  I am sitting by myself though.  I don’t feel alone in my house as I am always connected to social media and chatting to my friends.  I am home by myself though.  I don’t feel alone being back in my small town because I am always seeing this person or that person.  I moved here all by myself though.  I can feel alone, however, when I have a day full of different catch ups and events – when I drive hundreds of kilometres from one home to another, with three social events along the way – and then have 5 minutes on the clock between seeing one person and the next.  I can feel alone then.  It’s completely silly.  Sometimes being busy is like setting up a trap.

So, I have to be okay at being alone.

I have to be comfortable hanging out by myself.

I’m practising right now.


UP NEXT (teaser):  I’d like to tell you about when I wasn’t alone.  I’d like to catch you up on ‘Cute Guy’.  Still loving himself.  I’d like to tell you about ‘Mr Could Be Perfect’.  It’s funny the people you meet – thank god I escaped that one.  I’d like to nail the coffin on ‘Almost Housemate’.  He loves me so much he stood me up – likely!  I’d like to tell you an unexpected story about ‘Mr Dependable’.  I don’t think I can though.  I’d like to tell you the news on ‘Man BFF’ but he didn’t put in the effort.  And I’d really really really reaaallllly like to tell you all about ‘Same Name’ because I can’t get that one out of my head.  At all!

Scrap that!!!!!! ‘Same Name’ just took himself out of the equation for the second time since I have known him. Whyyyy do I keep letting this happen! Small sad sack moment. Liking people mutually. It seems like an impossible task! I should end this post with something funny about life and boys and strong women but I think I may just have a drink, cry a bit and get up and go to work tomorrow like my bubbly self!

(Oops – this was just supposed to be the teaser wasn’t it!)


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