The part where ‘when it rains, it pours’…and I’m not just talking about the crazy weather!

Guess what? I put this little town on the map! On the weather map, that is. The crazy weather followed me. Now, I know, living in this part of the world means that weather patterns happen to the extreme. Buuuuuttttt…. Freak events in my street? My house on the news? It happened. More specifically, the rain came (lots of it, for days); the flood waters rose; the roads blocked; annnnddd there was just a tiny (HUGE) landslide from the top of my street down to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!! Landslide! Yep! Landslide. The road is still cut off. Now thunder doesn’t just sound like a rumble in the sky, it sounds like the earth moving from under me. Lucky I don’t overreact much!

So, it rained and it poured…and the weather still continues to amaze me. It has also started to rain and pour men. When she’s gone you want her more right? Apparently so….

Let me introduce you to some first timers in my blog, but really I’ve known them all for years.

Let’s start with ‘Almost Housemate’. He made a mention way back at the beginning. Then he disappeared. Now he is back. Lucky time erases all memories as I’m sure there was a reason we lost touch all those years, and houses ago. For now though, his message was a pleasant surprise. ‘Almost Housemate’ is full of enthusiasm and kind words that don’t seem to have a common goal (unlike ‘Cute Guy’ and his ratbag ways). A date will happen, when I trek home for the holidays, and we will see how it goes. When someone thinks about you because they knew you and remember liking you, you can’t help but grin on the inside. There might be more here than I’m willing to admit… 🙂

Next we have one member of ‘The Football Team’, who I also introduced you to earlier. Every few days I get a ‘No love?’ text. This guy has a pattern and he doesn’t seem to pick up on mine.

‘Mr Dependable’ gets a mention for the first time. He’s been checking in on me since I’ve been away. We are always connected, I’m just not sure how. This one probably comes down to history. How nice is it to have someone who knows all your stories!

There is copious amounts of history with ‘Man BFF’ too. We are working stuff out at the moment though. This one has no luck with the ladies and makes the BFF (me) suffer through all the emotion. He’s a roller coaster. And at the moment I have a harness, an extra belt, a parachute and a soft landing all ready to go.

You won’t believe who is still randomly texting me every couple of weeks, or every time the AFL is on – ‘Army Cruiser’. Remember he was the mystery late night caller? I don’t get it at all. But I just run with it.

The next one, but not the last one, is a biggie! Something is there with this one. I need to call him ‘Same Name’ because really, could I do it again? At least I won’t forget it. ‘Same Name‘ is insanely sweet. Super caring and really honest. He likes me, even though I was initially second choice when we met years ago. He checks in on me most days and apologises when he doesn’t. He even reads my blog. HI 🙂 We have a good little buzz going on and there’s definitely trust there. There might be more to say after my holiday trip back home.

Finally, I better fill you in on ‘Cute Guy’. He is a terror. Surprising and totally predictable all at the same time. He wants to teach me things. I think he likes the idea that I’m a teacher. But can I just say: I don’t like his spelling, punctuation or grammar!
I think, however, against all better judgement, I am being persuaded. Poor women – why are we attracted to cocky men who don’t need anyone but the mirror to tell them how hot they are? He is not relationship material (his words) but he is definitely something interesting. Something worth screening first though I’m sure. I’m never sure whether I’m laughing with him or at him, but I sure am staring at him every time he walks past, winks and says “hi darlin”. I’ll just have to wait a few weeks now to get my perve on. He’d remind me though, that I do have the mirror selfie he took of himself mid-workout. I never said he was above self promotion. :p


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