The part where life is a working holiday

So, let’s start with the not-so-silent cheer I enjoy every time I enter a new town and realise that my new home is one thousand times better! I am a holiday destination! I am living the life I think many people dream of.

Come for another little walk in my shoes…

Girls’ Night In (GNI) happens every fortnight. The most recent GNI introduced me to the local pubs and ‘club’ of the area. Dressing up is optional, tragic dancing is a must! A very relaxed atmosphere in the pubs makes for a great night out with the girls, and the twenty 18-year-olds in the teeny tiny club means that you can dance the GNI (or out shall we say) away until the wee hours of the morning without shamefully bumping into any potential guys. No embarrassment equals letting our hair down and when GNI lets their hair down onlookers soon find a whole gaggle of girls stumbling down ‘Pie Alley’ way past their bedtime, looking for a back door pie or sausage roll. Exciting and rebellious behaviour! I promise, we usually hide ourselves indoors during typical GNI events.

I was going to introduce you to these girls, especially because this blog tends to be full of boys who are just the short term gossips of GNI, but they can’t can’t decide on their alter egos, so we will just have to wait.

Trivia night happens every Wednesday at the local. I show up at trivia every Wednesday night at the local. I suck at trivia every Wednesday night at the local. I’m already known as the one who knows all the crappy, pointless stuff. Name the latest Bachelor – check! Name the AFL team – check! List a whole pile of other pointless social media and reality TV information – check! Contribute to anything about geography, history, science or life…..hmmmmm. Working on it!

Oh, ‘Cute Guy’ works at the local. ‘Cute Guy’ doesn’t work on Wednesday nights. Now that’s dedication. I have more on him by the way…

Craft nights have begun. I’d just like to point out that I am very crafty. I like craft, I like colour and I am very inventive when designing fancy dress consumes. I may just be lacking a little confidence when it comes to threading a needle and, you know, pretending that I expertly know what I am doing. I didn’t think this needed to be pointed out by the other craft-ers. But it does seem that my uncanny ability to project the ‘pick on me’ target is still well and truly in practice here in my new world.

Dress up days at my new school have begun. I waited for what seemed like an eternity to pick my moment and…BAM! I came to school dressed as a frog! Helping my mature and sensible reputation, I think not. Loving it none-the-less? TOTES!

The view. I have to mention it again. The view on my drive to work. The view from my back deck. Even the way the lights shine at night in my sleepy little town. It’s magic and it makes every wobbly day a little easier. I am often transported back home though. A simple message from Mum that reads ‘I have some rainbow lorikeets playing in the bird bath at the moment :-D’, takes me right back to their verandah where the view is just average but the feeling is calm, relaxed and full of family. It is times like that where I am jolted back to missing home and my people. Moments that are lost in reflection when my phone beeps with a photo of a friend and their beautiful little person achieving a new milestone. Moments when so much time seems to have passed, but moments where I feel happy that I can be so connected to two places and to so many people. I miss home but it is so easy to simultaneously think of my new people and my new surroundings and feel excited that I am living outside of what was known. I am starting to call two places home. I am lucky. I am happy. And I am truly living!


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