The part where newness happens every day…

New ‘football’: The rules are new. So I am in foreign territory, NRL territory and it is scary. No sign of my footy life at all. The fields only have 2 goal posts and all the Lego men run in a straight line and smash into each other. It’s weird. So, I’m stalking the local AFL club and I will single handedly change the attitude here if I have to. I will hear laughter no more.

New friends: Every day is an opportunity to meet someone new. These new friends requested a mention and even a sudo nickname each. I know what you are thinking…I’ve done pretty well for myself, they must be pretty cool! Well, you’re right and I am super lucky! And I would say that even if they weren’t standing over me. Honestly, I would! 🙂 These friends are also amazingly good looking too, you couldn’t pick better eye candy. They have been seriously supportive of me and have made this transition an exciting one where I just know I have already made lifelong friends. They even give me crap just like all my big city friends. How can I not escape that neon sign that must be on my forehead? I am allowed to show up to social events though. I will decide of special names for everyone and introduce them to you some time. However, I don’t think I could get away with not mentioning ‘Zeus’ immediately. He’s scary and I am not sure what would happen if I forgot to tell you how amazing he is. More to come…

New eyes: Everywhere I look there is a new view. There is a new place to visit and a new place to eat. Sorry diet. We have great plans to enjoy all this newness once the new weather patterns stop mucking with our plans. I’m still pinching myself everyday. I live here!

New bird love: The bird has made new friends too. In the trees and on the ground. Adults are coming to school early, not to pick up their children, but to coo to the bird. Wild birds are copying her funny noises and she continues to be her crazy self. I have officially kept my title of crazy bird lady as I even rescued an injured Rainbow Lorikeet from the side of the road and climbed into a bush at school to save someone’s lost pet Ringneck. I can’t escape myself!

New hair: So, my look is new. Well, kind of. Call it wussy but I had to go from my treasured long hair to short hair as the weather wasn’t my friend and now I am too chicken to go to a new hairdresser in case they are not cool enough. 4 weeks and counting and I will get my funky back! Some people are suggesting I go from blonde to brown but they are only just getting to know me after all – I could have fun as a brunette but Dad would have to start making excuses for me again.

New ‘Cute Guy’ stories: The attention is all new. Having a fresh-faced girl in town (probably the only single one left) is new. So, I waited and played it very cool. ‘Cute Guy’ doesn’t need his ego to be more inflated after all. But, seriously. Why does he need to be so cute? Why does every person in this little town keep bumping into him and dropping my name? Why am I continually reminded of his cuteness as people send me photos of him saying hi to me? Why does his number still have to be in my phone? Probably because I was meant to text him. No, probably because I am being tested. I am strong. I’ve been told he is bad news. But who am I to judge? I don’t listen to other people’s stories. I give people a chance. I text cute guys on a Friday night after a few drinks.


I get a reply saying “What took you so long babe?” OMG!

New hangouts: The local is new (and extremely scary). Imagine big wooden saloon doors at the entrance to the pub (wishful thinking…ignore the tragic matching Hawaiian shirt and shorts combo on the guys to the left). Imagine the doors swinging open as two maidens walk in as dusk settles over the beach (I know, I’m muddling up scenes here). Check out the jaws dropping as females under 40 walk up to the bar. I’ve so got this! And thanks to my beautiful friend for her very clever observation of the situation. I borrowed her analogy. Fast forward about 3.5 seconds later and the group of previously mentioned Hawaiian lads on a bucks party are by our sides asking if we will give the buck just a little kiss on the cheek. Quick quick, look away. Oh! Fancy that! Look who’s working behind the bar. ‘Cute Guy’! Oh I didn’t even realise he now worked here! hahahaha Oh, I think I may be as bad as his troublesome tales portray him…

This story is to be continued…


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