The part where there’s a cute guy! A CUTE GUY!!!!

I didn’t even know there was going to be a cute guy before the Valentine’s Day teaser, but I found one! Probably the only single guy in this little town. One problem though…he’s cute! And we all know when they know they are cute they can be super bad news!

I was just out for an after school coffee with the girls! Coffee, which quickly became a glass of wine as we finally relaxed after a long day at work. The wine…that was delivered by ‘Cute Guy’. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am still the token single in my new town so everyone’s eyes darted to me and I subsequently tried to share my best impression of a beetroot with ‘Cute Guy’. So, back to my coffee/wine date, we all enjoyed our afternoon together and giggled out the door as we tried to plan our next trip to our new local spot (it had a great view after all). “Maybe we can look him up on Facebook” exclaims one supportive friend. “Oh, oh” I squeal as I jump on the spot. “What if we come back tomorrow and accidentally leave our badges on so that he can stalk us on Facebook if he wants!” Brilliant, pro-stalker suggestion right there!

Fast forward to the next day…no, wait. I can’t do that. If I’m being honest here I need to say that much of that night was spent painting nails, doing hair and applying a bit of fake tan (as I’m not quite a beach babe yet). Okay, so we went back for a coffee the next afternoon. I wasn’t sure I could face ‘Cute Guy’ as the previous day I remember cringing as two friends said, after they found out he had only moved to the small town 7 weeks earlier, “oh, so you’re fresh meat! This girl *pointing to beetroot me* is fresh meat looking for fresh meat!” OMG! I love girlfriends!!!!! But we had a nice afternoon again and I think I probably said 4 words to ‘Cute Guy’ and we had a sneak peak at the register while we were paying for our drinks and saw his name. Sneaky.

Meanwhile, half the town now know I think ‘Cute Guy’ is cute and the feelers are well and truly out. Text messages are flying left, right and centre and friends of friends are sharing the goss.
Note to self: gossip travels fast – behave!

Step one: We find out he is working on Valentine’s Day.
Step two: We just so happen to need a drink after work on Valentine’s Day.
Step three: We leave before he starts his shift. Playing it coooooool!
Step four: My boss finds out from his wife that I like the ‘Cute Guy’ that is serving them at dinner one night.
Step five: My other friend gets a text message detailing all the shocking behaviour ‘Cute Guy’ got up to at his Christmas party. Uh oh! Dreams smashed!
Step six: I get a text message on Saturday night with a picture of ‘Cute Guy’ and boss’ wife.
Step seven: I get another text message from boss with ‘Cute Guy’s’ number written on a napkin.
Step eight: OMG!
Step nine: Girlfriends tell me “NO, remember he has a bad reputation!”

What’s a girl to do! See I told you that when ‘Cute Guy’ knows he’s cute it equals trouble. Especially when he is told each day for a week, by different people, that the new blonde in town thinks he’s cute! Aarrgghhhh!!!

So I sit here today, with his number very accessible. Not knowing what to do.

Maybe I just focus on how happy everyone at work was when I left some chocolate, cupcakes and a box of compliments in the staff room for everyone to enjoy. I thought it would be so sneaky because they didn’t know me well enough yet, but they guessed me straight away. I’ve definitely found my second home.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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