The part where I fit right in

So, I’ve positioned myself at the ‘local’ (15 minutes drive away) coffee shop of choice, ordered a latte and am intermittently looking around oh-so-casually just to put the vibe out there that I am oh-so-cool to be sitting on my own on a Saturday morning, obviously blogging, like all the cool city chicks do. I have friends, remember….you are just about to find about all the cool new additions I now have.

Actually, I do feel pretty cool! I should definitely tell all these people around me how cool I am!

So, we have a lot of catching up to do! And the only way I can think about how to share my moments with you, is to simply note them as that – moments. Otherwise, we all know how many words I can use to make a simple point (like now for instance, 3 paragraphs and I’ve said nothing).

Moment 1: My first small town social outing where I was introduced to ‘Sly’. No harm done but that that creepy man has the rack-stare down pat, in the most obvious way! The party was fun and I left, squished in a man sandwich and thinking ‘I love these people and I love this place’.

Moment 2: The unexpected shadow. Today I set the shadow free after sacrificing a little of my dream to help a friend. That’s where I have to leave it but today I get myself back 🙂

Moment 3: Sitting with my new workmates, listening very seriously to the barrage of information that was causing my right eye to twitch nervously…Hear a noise…See my boss unclip a pager from his belt…See said boss run out the door…Look around and see a mix of puzzled faces (new staff) and let’s-just-get-on-with-the-meeting faces (old hats)…Shrug and listen to the next speaker…Hear a siren 5 minutes later…See a fire engine scream past…Hear the mumble of staff joking “There he goes!”… Whisper to the person next to me “What just happened?”… Suddenly remember that I am in a small town because my boss is also the Fire Chief for the area. Coooooool!!!!!

Moment 4: Okay, here’s the part where I tell you more about how awesome the new people I’ve met are! I am so happy and my Mum will be very comforted to know that I’ve found people who’ve taken me under their wings and only rolled their eyes a few times as they’ve slowly begun to experience my personality. Hoooraaayyyy! I’ve been shopping, out to dinner, visited people’s house, had coffees, been for walks on the beach, talked work, talked boys, talked girlie stuff, had so many laughs and never felt lonely or bored. I am so thankful that everyone here has made such an effort to make me feel welcome. I feel totally part of the team here and I still feel so connected to my family and friends back home that I just look around me every day and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. To my friends back home – I think you will be happy for me as the beautiful people I have met here are just like you and I know you’ll love them too. I think about home every day but this place also feels like my home more and more everyday too.

Moment 5: Australia Day 2014 – Who would have thought I would have cool plans, after only just arriving here, but I did and I met some more fantastic people! We played beer pong and I got a kiss. A very bold kiss that resulted from a game card in a drinking game I wasn’t even playing. Well played ‘Beer Pong Man’.

Moment 6: The last moment for this post is exciting in my world. In my very small town world. It happened after work as I popped in to the local grocery store to pick up something for dinner. I walked in with a workmate, I bumped into a teacher from another school whom I had met the week before, I had a quick conversation with a parent from my class as she walked past, I saw two more workmates with their kids who go to the same school and I called out “this is the place to be!” to someone else from school as they walked in the doors. We all stood in a group, chatted, laughed and planned our next catch-up before we all looked at our shopping baskets and realised we’d better get moving! Small town success! Famous much!!! I think this is the life I’ve always wanted to lead.


A thought to keep in mind while you wait for the next post: Valentine’s Day is in a week!


One thought on “The part where I fit right in

  1. Love your blog 🙂 You will soon know everyone in town! Can’t wait for the Valentines Day post 🙂

    My friend, I leave you with this quote by Dr. Seuss…

    “We are all a little weird
    and life’s a little weird,

    and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
    we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE”

    Here’s to a future filled with love, happiness and an admiration for individuality xx


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