A wish for a friend

Have you ever met someone who has changed your whole world?

I may not have met the boy of my dreams yet but I have met the girl of my lifetime.

A friendship that I know will last forever. A friendship like those you treasured as a teenager. Long phone conversations (or Facebook chats), sleepovers, girlie days and nights where you obsess over boys (oh, who are we kidding – days and nights where you obsess over boys). A friend that is so ingrained in your soul that you cry when they cry and you laugh when they laugh. This friend doesn’t know it (or maybe she does, because I tell her every other week) but she changed my world just by being in it. I dedicate this post to my very special friend because her world is about to change (for about the 100th time in 3 years) and I have never been more proud.

Just as a side note: It’s these kind of emotions that I find so easy to express, that really make me concerned as to how insane I am going to be as a mother when I have a little someone of my very own to love.

Opportunity! It only knocks every now and then, or does it? It depends how closely you are looking. My friend, let’s call her ‘Imelda’, finds every opportunity and makes it hers. That is probably because she is insanely motivated and driven. It is also because she has a unique and entrepreneurial intelligence that craves a constant challenge. She almost doesn’t realise it though. I will never be surprised when I hear of her success. I am waiting for the day when she changes the world. Really, she is actually doing it now because it’s very hard to see change as it is happening. This girl, ‘Imelda’, has been through hard times, as we all have. She has journeyed through parts of life and probably thought, ‘hmmmm, it could be better’. The thing is… I believe she has found better. Even though hard things still happen and sometimes impossible decisions need to be made, she knows it’s all for her ‘better’. I just have absolute faith in everything about this friend. Her whole person. And you know what makes this whole friendship even more sweeter. I have found an amazing, supportive and ridiculously loyal friend in her partner too. He and I think we are equally crazy! To have someone who makes my friend so happy make me just as smiley – how could a friendship get any better! These two are a force to be reckoned with! Best friends, lovers, workmates and cofounders. They do it all, and by being themselves, make me excited to possibly find a perfect someone to fit in my life one day too. I am excited for their future and will be the first person to throw my hand up and say “I know them and they make boring = brilliance!”

Friendship… It comes in many forms. You might have known someone for your whole life or for just a minute, but if that person is someone to you they may just be someone to you forever, starting now. When someone can inject themselves into your world, be a friend to your friends and treat you as their family, you know it’s a rare glimpse of happy ever after. A story doesn’t always have to be a romantic love story, it can simply be a story of ‘I’ll be there to share your life with you’. Those beliefs are a little bit Disney I know but I’ve always been a big believer of dreams coming true. It all depends on how you look at it :-). Everyone knows I’m a sunshine and lollipops kind of girl after all…

So, I am sitting in a special place, just like I promised ‘Imelda’ I would every time I put my thoughts on paper. I’m posting these words to her on the day she leaves to take up her next opportunity, sacrificing parts of her happy world temporarily along the way. I’m sharing this with you to show her that she can do it. To encourage her, as she encourages me, to be strong and unforgettable. Two can be better than one and ‘Imelda’ you have a thousand in your army supporting you. I’m ready to lead them whenever you need it.


I knew ‘Imelda’ was going to be a dear friend when we first met. And get this! We didn’t start our friendship until a year later. Has anyone ever asked someone for their friendship? I have. It went a little something like this “Would you like to be my friend?” I was 28 years old. The rest is history as they say. We are going to keep on writing down these stories and share them over cups of coffee when we are 97 (going on 7). It’s only just begun. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A wish for a friend

  1. I’m going to miss my hugs with ‘Imelda’ in the car park when one or other of us is invariably running late to drop our cherub off to school. And her smile. She has the best smile. But I hope the short term pain for ‘Imelda’ and her partner in all things goes really, really well. Because I’d just love her to be a squillionare and to be able to say to all those who didn’t see her loveliness ‘I told you so!’. Go Imelda, Go!


  2. Wow this ‘Imelda’ woman sounds pretty amazing, but you know….”birds of a feather”. You and your new found courage are inspiring in their own ways and the phrase “that is McCraybags” or “that is McCraycray” has slipped into my vocab in place of any statement of excitement, disbelief or whenever I’m speechless. You impress yourself T-Chip.


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