The part where I cry and smile in equal measure

So after many tears, because I am ridiculously good at producing those, I got in the car and drove through the big city for a final time to start my adventure in the new little town I will call my home for the next three years.

Some things I learned on my road trip:
– Maccas billboards are funny in rural QLD!
– Trivia questions get you super excited when driving on a lonely road. I think I might suggest some cracker jokes to go with the trivia in time for my next trip.
– Overtaking cars on a two lane highway is like pushing in a really long line for your favourite ride! Victory! Every single time.
– You feel like the car in front of and behind you become your best friends as you spend so many hours on the road with them. When they turn off you feel abandoned.
– There are many vacant billboards ready for my photo and phone number…Future husband, position vacant. I am crazy funny whilst stuck in a car for 9 hours!
– People in Central QLD don’t really see bright yellow Beetles very often.
– People also don’t seem to recognise the special butt-and-legs-are-numb dance you do to wake your body up while sitting in the drivers seat.
– I feel super seedy just thinking about staying in a motel for the night. That feeling is then confirmed as soon as I turn the key and enter the motel room.

So after a trip full of stunning scenery and many mini breaks due to road work, I arrived in my little country town (which, surprisingly, wasn’t as little as I’d imagined). I opened the door to my new beachside home, walked inside and wasn’t disappointed. As mixed up with emotion as I was, this adventure was looking positive…and, to be honest, scary (in equal measure). The house, the beach, the countryside, all at my fingertips. This is a definite sea change and I don’t think the view from my new little home will ever get old.

There were a few hiccups along the way. The removalist truck broke down on the way to my place and when they finally arrived so many of my belongings were damaged. They even lost a box?! I just kept looking out at the view of the beach…oh, and while I waited I enjoyed the best vanilla slice I’ve ever had (and I am always on the search) from the local bakery. Win!

Taking in the sights of my local area, I am realising I am going to have to get myself some all-there-is-to-know-about-farming posters (like I have all over my classroom) so that I can tell all the different types of cattle apart and get to know all the breeds of animals in the area. I am completely excited to learn to horse ride and to spend some time on a farm if I can. I also want to get my jet ski licence, learn some other water sports and just get into this new kind of life. Many little mini adventures and projects hiding inside one giant adventure. I am also loving the constant opportunities to drive my little beetle with the roof down, cruising along the country highways, wind in my hair and feeling 100% way cooler than I really am.

Now, I’m not saying the city girl in me has disappeared because WOW, every man in this town wears fluoro yellow and orange vests to work and facial hair is a fashion statement. It’s bright! It’s a very different reality as the pub down the road from me has made very clear to their patrons…

Dress Code:
Footwear to be worn at all times.
No bare chests.
No tshirts with offensive or provocative slogans.

There was no one in this pub when we arrived, so…ummmm…that paints a pretty clear picture!

So, to all those people who told me I would find a husband… I’ve been looking! Day 3 and I’ve already been looking! I think Trev from the local shops is keen for me to find a husband too. The billboard outside his shop said ‘Trev says go forth and fertilise’. Ok Trev, but a girl’s got to have some boundaries :-p


This week coming I have a few catch ups with people planned. I bet everyone hates the new girl because every passing invitation is answered with a “YES, yes, I’d love to! What are the details (as I am already blocking out the entire day in my diary)?” School starts next week too. I will try my best to not wear any crazy costumes on day 1. It may be difficult though as the greeting words shared with me as I met my boss for the first time were – “oh hello, I didn’t recognise you without your frog costume on!” I think it’s on for young and old here people! 2014, are you ready to keep up with me?!


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