The single life – part 2

So, my life is hilarious sometimes! 2014 has only just begun but it has not let me down.

New Years Eve…. Picture this: six deliciously gay men and me. A night where I didn’t know what to expect (because New Years is so overrated and there is always too much pressure to have the BEST night) and I didn’t even know who the dinner guests were. A night where everyone kept apologising to me because they thought the night was so boring. Boring? No way. The most entertaining crowd in the history of my Sex and the City life! A night where I met some great friends of an even greater friend of mine. Me and 6 men all out to dinner! My dream come true! I just didn’t have anyone to sneak in a cheeky New Years pash with, that’s all! What a welcome to 2014! To ‘The Friend’, who will probably read this at some stage, you’re the best!!! That was a NYE to remember.


As promised, ‘Door Knocker’ took me for my first motorbike ride…. In the car park of Melrose Place, because I am a wuss! So windy, so unsteady not knowing which direction you’re heading in next. Squashed cheeks, helmet hair. It was super fun, even though I was shaking like a leaf! Wuss! Thanks ‘Door Knocker’, you’re my hero!


So here we are, after a week of treasured moments with my beautiful friends, it’s almost time for my new adventure. I enjoyed breakfasts, coffee catch-ups, invite-myself-over dinners, movie picnics, BBQs, nights out and time together with so many special people who I will only only see on Skype for the next little while. Face to face time with family and friends is worth all the vanilla slices in the world (and omg I love vanilla slice). I was lucky enough to spend time with all the mini people in my world too, sharing smiles, first steps, first birthday parties, cuddles and play time. I won’t let anyone forget me.

Time with family was fun as I stayed for sleep-overs at Mum and Dad’s, ate some of my favourite home-cooked meals, endured typical family-fuelled discussions as we dealt with stressful organisation and packing issues, visited my grandparents (and spiced up my grandma’s time in hospital with some of my stories) and celebrated change while sipping on fancy drinks with the relies.

Some of the stars of my blog didn’t disappoint either. Text messages from numbers I once knew, an initially exciting visit at my ‘see you soon’ party from ‘Mr Could Be Perfect’ and some very curious phone calls [see below].

Mystery late night Saturday caller: Hey Katie, it’s {muffled}. I know I probably shouldn’t {6 seconds of muffled}… So aahhhh, maybe or maybe don’t call me back. Alright, byyyeeee! Love you Katie.

Whhhhhhat just happened? I have a feeling that the mystery caller’s voice belongs to that of ‘Army Cruiser’. A secret crush from someone who didn’t seem too interested? Life. How funny you are. Stay tuned with that one I think.


Coming up in A Girl, A Bird and a VW: My road trip to my new home in a tiny town in Central QLD.

Reviews of A Girl, A Bird and a VW: “Wow!! You seriously have the craziest funniest closest to sex in the city life I know!” (sent to me by my gorgeous editor – who hasn’t actually done any editing yet and who is all loved up with her super spunky boyfriend – so it may be a little bias)


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