The part where you get all the juicy details…well, almost.

So ‘Antonio’ was waiting for me outside my door…just finishing off his cleaning as I got home about a movie length later from getting petrol. Oops!

He said that now would be a great time for that beer, like he’d always promised me. He said that he’d love a shower as cleaning was hard work. MY shower? Doors apparently don’t matter to a Frenchman! Then he stayed for another beer. He taught me to salsa dance and analysed my personality by looking through my drawers. All in this amazing French character! Totally over the top and thoroughly entertaining. The night is history. He is in China. I still don’t know his real name but I will remember him forever. My Dad even hi-fived me when he heard the story. And I actually told ‘Antonio’ what his nickname was and he referred to himself as that for the rest of the night. In between my giggles I told him that I couldn’t believe my hot French neighbour was in my apartment. He asked me if the guy in my apartment when we first met was my boyfriend. Nooooo….my brother. OMG he liked me from the beginning. The flirting wasn’t just in my head. WOOHOO – go me!!!!! ‘Antonio’. The people who know all the finer details think I am way cooler than I really am***. Everyone needs an ‘Antonio’ story. Even if it’s only once.


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