The part where I am not the only one

Now we reach the time where I receive THE letter. The letter telling me that my time in the big city is up and that I have been required to transfer to rural QLD for work. A letter I received mainly because I am single and won’t leave a trail behind me. This letter, and my honesty, didn’t help the dating situation. Many one-time daters came and went as they couldn’t be bothered getting to know someone who was leaving. There was one guy, let’s call him ‘Army Cruiser‘, who gave me about four chances before he decided that he didn’t understand what my problem was when I was showing nerves on the day the transfer location was to be revealed. Mate, if you haven’t got any understanding now then what hope have I got once a month when I’m irritable for no real reason at all!

After it’s made official that I am leaving I find my first real interest from this online world of dating. He will forever be known as ‘Bike Pants Man’ to a close friend of mine, who was lucky enough to witness his sleeping attire one night. The worry is, ‘Bike Pants Man’ has that unfortunate nickname…so things aren’t looking good from here, even though this time I was hopeful. ‘Bike Pants Man’ was fun, playful and delivered sanitary bins for a living (but hey, I’m not judgemental in the moment). He even met my friends and made their babies giggle. Keeper? Well, I thought so. So did his other six girlfriends. Dammit! Enough said.

I might leave it there…. ‘Bike Pants Man’ took a while to get over.
Oh, but meanwhile, I missed an ‘Antonio’ story so you better read the next edition!


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