The part where not much happened…

Over the last year or so, I attended a marathon of weddings, hens nights and bridal showers. All amazing moments with beautiful friends. 7 weddings in 3 months to be exact. If it wasn’t for Facebook I could have worn the same outfit every time. So, weddings….the ultimate place to pick up right? Not if you really are the only single person left. Channeling a bit of Bridget Jones’ Diary here. So, back to the drawing board of love. My search to find what all my friends have. Or, maybe just my own personal taxi driver so that I don’t have to be painfully sober at every big event. Melrose Place style living doesn’t come cheap people.

The were a few other memorable stories as the year progressed. ‘Woody’, whose nickname was not given by me but by my friend who had dated him with some pretty entertaining stories. ‘Woody’ was known to me by another name completely, and it was only after too long that my friend and I realised that this was the same person. Not sure ‘Woody’ liked the closeness and the shared stories when the link was revealed. hahahahahaha. There was also ‘Irish’. The guy who took me out for coffee and did not say a word. Interesting, because he then text me every two hours. To make it even more interesting, he saw me out in the city one night, didn’t say hi but decided to text me after instead. Stalker alert! Number deleted. Safe! Well until he decided to text again. The fact that it didn’t bother him when I replied “who’s this?” and he still proceeded to ask me out worried me. Stalker! Time for a dating break I think…


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