The part where the world gets a little smaller

So, welcome to the world of me v.2013! My life continues in-between lift rides and I spend my time either working or socialising – sometimes remembering to sleep. I chat away to boys and get all excited when I start talking to someone who lives in the same suburb as me (now, just remember that I have moved across town on my own…this is exciting)! We start discussing the area and mentioning landmarks to help me figure out where it is I actually live. “Oh, that place is just across the road from me” I say…. “Oh, you too hey?” I say… “Ohhhhhhhh!” I say with a gulp. Melrose Place, you have done it again.

We shall call this guy ‘Door Knocker’.

I reiterate his intentions. “You’d like to meet up right now? In the car park? hahaha Yeah, it does make sense we chat in person rather than online…yep, totally” *EEKK must put better clothes on stat*.

So, ‘Door Knocker’ and I became great friends, it was (and still is) pretty awesome and a funny story. The height difference between us, in my favour, helped it probably not get awkward. Well, straight away anyways! The reason for the nickname has not yet become apparent after all.


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