The first…

This is THE blog…the blog dedicated to all my friends and, let’s be honest, my poor parents, who are lucky enough to be the involuntary sounding-boards for my stories (you’re welcome Mum and Dad).  My loved ones, who, after every date review, have pleaded with me to record the hilarity of this solo world that I am ricocheting  myself through. I probably join a long line of people recording their journey in celebrating happiness (not finding it…because it’s already here in many forms) but I’m doing this for me as well. Right now I feel like I am living my life whilst looking in on it from the outside and thinking ‘these events, this time, I’m going to remember it all forever’. I’m making memories for me, ready to share them with the rest of my life later down the track. So why not join me 🙂 …and my editor and set designer, because, how can I continue to feel like I am living in a Friends episode if I don’t have an entourage!!!!


There were times during my last long term relationship where I thought to myself “if I were single I’d love to do this”, “if only I had tried this when I was single“. Obviously, because I was even bothering to have those thoughts, that relationship ended and I happily got the opportunity to get to know myself again- the best version of me yet.

So I’m sitting in my little one bedroom, melrose place-style, apartment block – on the floor because I still haven’t bothered to buy myself a couch.  Some say it’s a tad bohemian but I think that is just one man’s fantasy as I don’t otherwise reflect that image (I did have pink hair for awhile but that was more about my love of bright than any expression of ‘art’). There’s a bird, my crazy and bizarre rainbow lorikeet, trying to tap the keyboard as rapidly as the words try to escape my brain. This is just the setting a girl needs to reflect on her situation, past and future and this is definitely setting the scene to promote myself as a single and eligible-with-bird-no-couch city girl who’s looking to explore her family life, work life, social life and love life in the country. Maybe I should add it all to my online dating profile!

This story is not about a journey to find a mate, it’s about a journey of change and the journey of a little home girl faking bravery to try something new. Leaving Mum and my family behind a school term at a time, feeling sad to be moving away from my amazing friends and all my little nieces and nephews and leaving a school so spectacular that it changed my whole world. My regular holiday girly movies on in the background for inspiration and an early glass of wine, this is me celebrating change and helping to convince myself that my life is exciting and that I am ready for this. 2014 here we come! But before we get there, let’s reflect on 2011-2013 and let’s finish this year off with a bang!


8 thoughts on “The first…

  1. Awesome work cray! I have known you for a long time and just knowing what u have become in those years excites me to read what is in store for the next chapter of your life! Keep up the blogging girlfrand!!!! Xox


  2. You are a VW yellow coloured ray of sunshine. You are brave, having the confidence to take the leap shows that. You are smart and beautiful and my lovely lady us going to miss the bajesus out of you. Looking forward to our personalised tour of……um…..turtle creek…….koala bay……..ah………dolphinvale. Yeah that place.


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